Why Should You Bring Programmatic In-house?

So, we noticed that we’re finishing almost all our articles with something like “hop on”, “catch up”, “before it’s not too late” or “stop being a dinosaur”. Of course, no one can move as fast as digital advertising world is evolving.

So we’re all often feeling ourselves like Alice from ‘Through the Looking Glass’: “it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place”. One of the reasons is phenomena like programmatic advertising that has just appeared, but already stopped being something new.

Today statistics shows that only 13% of advertisers, 8% of publishers and 7% of media agencies claiming that they are not using programmatic technology. At least at loud.
Thus almost all stakeholders are developing their future plans based on or at least taking into account programmatic solutions.

Ok, so we talked about the reasons and benefits here, reduction of wastage, an increase in ROI, transparency, effectiveness, etc. But with great power comes great responsibility, and with those benefits comes a challenge. And in the same time programmatic is not just an option anymore, walking zero steps towards it equals to huge step back in the digital world and step forward to be even more obsolete and irrelevant.

The first problem that occurs is to find a right person with right skills. Without right expertise, the experience won’t be successful. Thus, even though everyone is investing in it or pretending by constantly talking about it, the majority of advertising transaction is still manual. That’s an answer for those who’re constantly talking about machines replacing humans.

The second issue that is on everyone’s mind is data quality. First, second or third party data and how much qualities control you can get. You’re basically agreeing to pay for advertising and at the same time can’t be sure where your ads will be displayed. No one wants to be associated with low-quality ad spaces.

And despite all listed above, it seems that all stakeholders are investing in programmatic advertising – 87% of advertisers, 92% of publishers and 93% of media agencies.

The answer to those concerns can be bringing programmatic in-house, the solution gives the ability to have full control over the data and personalized advertising. In-house can bring more transparency integration and control over campaigns. It also provides with the ability to better monetize inventory and efficiency in the sales process. It will definitely lead to a rethinking of the whole structure of spends, advertising organization, and data management.


After a short time, the outcome is improved campaign performance and built team knowledge, better unique data management. Agencies will obtain greater control, better targeting and better usage of their unique data which will reduce media waste, and publishers with an in-house strategy will increase inventory control and trading and operational efficiencies.
Think about the audience and a goal, and as a result use programmatic in-house as a strategic tool, choose a model, set up data strategies and finally engage with us to increase a result of all listed above.