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How Header Bidding has drained the Waterfall

Currently, an increasing number of publishers is turning to Header Bidding technology. This puts us in need of recommendations on how to use its benefits properly. With that, let’s step back and answer the question – why did the need for an alternative programmatic buying process arise?

Where to search for transparency

Whenever there’s a discussion of what can be improved about programmatic, the notion transparency emerges. What is it that gets hidden and where should we move to clear the things up? Let’s dive in.

New ad fraud trends demand new answers

Fraudsters can be really innovative in getting their piece of the pie. Their methods change, and so should the reaction. Know your enemy’s face: learn the main trends and get ready to answer.

Shopping cart ride.

Top 10 Must-Reads On 2016 E-commerce Trends

If you haven’t followed all international e-commerce trends through the year and want to catch on, we’re here to help. We’ve looked through the reliable sources and prepared the most informative research. Get a complete understanding on the current state of e-commerce with our list.

Why Should You Bring Programmatic In-house?

So, we noticed that we’re finishing almost all our articles with something like “hop on”, “catch up”, “before it’s not too late” or “stop being a dinosaur”. Of course, no one can move as fast as digital advertising world is evolving.

4-Steps Guide To Better Viewability

No one can be that mean to those folks who decided to place ads where no one can see it. They’re using their impeccable knowledge of human behavior and producing something brilliant and catchy.

What is ad fraud and the ways to fight it

Ad fraud. We’re using words “favorite subject” so often that they’ve already lost its value. Our digital world was developing alongside with digital ads and fraud in digital ads.

What is programmatic advertising?

If you heard word programmatic before, and if you are a marketer you probably did, you know that it is something magical that promises you greater future, you won’t need to negotiate through your ads buying process; you’ll have an automation, efficiency, effectiveness, no human factors.

Publishers’ profitability plans: the need for a website redesign

We’re sure that noticed that most sites are in a constant search of an optimal interface and user experience to increase ads revenues. Content presentation, visual effects, design itself, informational structure, those things should be perfect for users or at least on its way to perfect.