How to boost your video revenue

Prioritization of video sector has proven to be an inherent step in maximising the profits from advertising. There is no magic formula as to gaining the maximum. Yet there are the key areas one should focus on. And we are ready to present them.

How Programmatic takes over Direct Deals

Programmatic’s victory march goes on. This time, it’s all thanks to Programmatic Direct. The new link in the ad server chain allows for programmatic advertising to get even bigger revenue. And upcoming trends promise a continuing rise.

chinese exchange

The State of Ad Fraud in China

As we know, ad exchanges operate fully automatically. Due to the lack of human control, ad fraudsters are able to use non-human traffic activity for gaining profit. Ad fraud happens all over the world, yet in China the problem is particularly severe.

using data

4 Ways to Use Data More Effectively from Baker Lambert

TBWA Worldwide’s global data director is known for combining logic and creativity in his work. Baker Lambert has launched a number of successful campaigns for such global brands, as Nissan, AirBNB, Twitter, Gatorade, Adidas and GoDaddy. As he states, most marketers focus on targeting and ROI, while missing out on using data as a tool to get the message across.

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Top 10 Must-Reads On 2016 E-commerce Trends

If you haven’t followed all international e-commerce trends through the year and want to catch on, we’re here to help. We’ve looked through the reliable sources and prepared the most informative research. Get a complete understanding on the current state of e-commerce with our list.