8 hightlights from KPCB’s Internet trends 2016 for digital ad industry

If you don’t have time and power to look through 213 beautiful slides by Marry Meeker, this post is just for you. So here’s the main points. 

  1. Growth rate of Internet users continues to decrease:

Global internet users growth

2. The main driver of growth is mobile consumption:
time spend and ad spend by channel

3. However, Internet advertising expenses grow dramatically:
marketing channel advertising expances growth

4. USA internet advertising market is estimated up to $60B
usa internet advertising growth

5. Facebook and Google drive 76% of internet advertising growth
google and facebook share

6. But China is the leader in money spending:
china advertising spend

7. Ads works, but there are sirious obstacles:
video ads obstacles

8. Ad blocking is one of them:
ad blocking

Need more? Here’s the full report