What marketers should expect from 2017?

At the end of the year, we decided, to sum up the predictions and forecasts for 2017 and to try to prepare ourselves for what is going to happen.

We’ll try to analyze trends and behavior of today’s market to look into tomorrow:


Old school marketing methods are becoming more and more obsolete every day. And it trends to continue: Artificial intelligence will create new ways to present ads and to create highly personalized targeted dialog. Cooperation and join forces can be the solution to get attention to the brand in an overcrowded market. We already saw how Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft decided to create the Partnership on AI together.

Rich media ads are something we’ll be aiming at. It appeared as a result of the evolution of merging process of channels and visual media content. However, rich media requires a tremendous amount of resources and creativity, thus it can become the primary focus. (Maybe, you should take a look at Admixer.Creatives platform if this issue makes you feel concerned.)

Technologies’ fast growing makes companies come together, even competitors. And we’ll see more of these examples in the future.

Changes in roles

Technologies not only brought together brand competitors. But even inside a company marketing and it can’t be separate anymore. Marketing requires a lot of technology now. We are going to see more CMOs becoming CMTOs or CTMOs. You’ve got the point. Marketing no longer can’t be separated from technologies.
CMO and CTO will face the new technologies together to find the most efficient way how they can use new tools to reshape the market.

The same is for security. Your success in a social channels is putting a target of you for cyber criminals. The collaboration of CMOs and CISOs is required to secure brand exposure.

As a result of listed above, you can’t cut off “digital” from marketing, CMO will be in charge of digital transformation. Thus CMOs who don’t have the required skills should find a way how not become irrelevant in their field. And a good way is to enforce bound customer-brand relationships.



We think the number of ad tech vendors growth won’t concern anyone. Some of them are merging, but new solutions keep entering the market. You can’t choose only on technology anymore so that the total number won’t change anything.

Cognitive Technologies will be used ubiquitously to help pull data from micro trends and minor conditions. The auto-analysis to understands the information and to learn what it leads. It allows teams to focus on new opportunities and providing fast access to the information needed to succeed.

The plot

But there’s the another point of view on the result. If AI and programmatic did the whole job with distribution, why won’t you pay your whole attention on the context?

“The industry so obsessed to minimize waste with programmatic delivery, that started to forgot that context is a priority as well. The most valuable currency of today is attention, so marketers should focus on “native advertising” and content itself. Meaningful context and timely serving are two factors, which can help you to catch leads from publishing advertorial.” Anna Yatel, CMO Admixer

Not as a prediction but as a hope, we think that teams will understand that their hand is untied and the schedule is cleared to try to get a sense of what people were consuming.

For developing markets, 2017 will be continue of digital grow. Budget shares growth will increase for digital and decrease for offline. But role will be different for online companies who’s aiming at online marketing the whole budget but at the same time offline businesses will still be conservative for a while, and only one-third of budget or even less will be left for digital.

So hurry up with yearend conclusions and let’s enter 2017.